What Questions Will Have Maximum Impact in an Audio Interview?

To make a maximum impact in your audio, you want to make sure that your interview is matched to your market. You want to think about, what’s the purpose of the interview? The people listening to it, are they listening to things that they really want to know about, and that’s why you’ve got to do your research. That’s why you’ve got to use an Ask campaign. That’s why you want to dig deep when you’re looking in indexes of books on Amazon, or you’re looking at websites. You’re looking at the bullets.

You absolutely have to be a good listener. Not chiming in. Let them do most of the talking, which is fine, just ask the questions and kind of shut up.

One thing you definitely don’t want to leave off is a call to action. You want to tell your listener what to do, not only at the end. You may want to tell them what to do fifteen minutes into the interview. You may want to tell them what to do thirty minutes into the interview, and you may want to tell them what to do right before the end of the interview.

You want to make an offer. You want to make it risk free. You want to direct them to a website. You want to have them pick up a phone and call you. So, call to action, at the end of that interview, what do you want that listener to do. Tell them what to do. That you should never leave off.

Audio Interviews With Big Names – How to Land One

If I was just starting my information product business and had no profile, this is what I’d do in order to get started.

I’d quickly try to establish myself as an expert. But I’d leverage off the expertise of others.

Now the top guys in your industry or field may not know you. But they do know each other.

So, I’d try to position myself as a kind of public relations expert.

I’d go to each expert in the field I’m interested in and say: “I’ve got this idea. I’m putting together a book with a compilation of audio interviews on the world’s greatest copywriters”.

And if my field was something else, say music or health, I’d do exactly the same thing. I’d try to talk to them on the phone and really project a passion for what I was proposing. 

But if I couldn’t get them on the phone I’d try to project it in an email. I’d say: “I’m planning on interviewing Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Joe Vitale, John Carlton and Ted Nicholas. I’d also like to interview you”.

I’d explain that I’m going to turn the interviews into transcripts which in turn will become a book that I plan on getting up on Amazon. I’d tell them about a Web site dedicated to the book.

That I’d be doing joint ventures…And that “I’m going to promote this like you wouldn’t believe”.

They’d be crazy not to come onboard.

Why?  Because by grouping them with other experts in their field, I’m reinforcing the perception that they too are an expert.

Plus, I’m doing all the promotion and distribution that they can leverage of.

Think about all the experts who contributed to the smash hit documentary, the Secret; people like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.

How better known are they because of their participation in that film.

It’s a no-brainer when you think about it. Try it some time.

Get Prospects to Actually Listen to Your Audio Interviews

How do you get prospects to actually listen to your interviews?  You are always going to have some people who toss your information. Probably a majority of the people and it depends on how you distribute the audio. If you give them the choice and you’ve described the audio of what they are going to listen to and you’ve done a good job on the production there is a good chance they won’t toss it if they are in the market for what you have created for them in that interview.

They’ll toss it if you give them a poor interview, if you’re asking questions that they don’t want to know. If you’re not covering the information through your research that they need to know. All the mistakes we’ve talked about will get them to toss your recording. But if you’ve done it right and matched your message and your expert to your market there is no reason they should toss it. If you are taking your interview and mailing it to every name in the phone book, yeah, they are going to toss it because its junk mail.

If you give people the choice to download and absorb the information on their time, by their own choice and they’ve qualified themselves by the description, the headline, of what this interview is about and what you promised to deliver, they will listen to your interview and they will listen to all of it and whatever you can provide them. I have people who tell me they’ve listened to every interview on my site. They have listened to 100 hours of my interviews. So if your content provides value they will listen to it.

Streaming Audio – What Is It and What Are the Advantages?

Streaming audio is a method of listening to an audio track on the internet, while it is being received, rather than having to download an entire file first. In a traditional download sense, when you want to listen to an audio file, you need to first start a download. Only when the complete file has downloaded, can your audio player start to replay the audio track. However, with advances in technology, it has been necessary to find alternative ways of playing back downloaded audio files.

To expand on this issue a little further, it is now possible to listen to radio stations on the internet, live, as well as specific concerts, and other applications are being developed all the time. However, if you think about it, radio stations that broadcast twenty four hours a day are not creating special files for each song online. They are just taking their audio output and sending it through a computer program to be streamed on the internet. Naturally, the big advantage is that audio in this way can be picked up, or started from any point, and then picked up again later, after a pause if you wish. Equally, it is an emerging technology and is thus becoming faster to start up from the opening of your various audio monitoring programs.

In addition, it is possible to also record streaming audio files into smaller chunks of audio for your own use. Several popular programs exist for this, and one free one is called Audacity. It is essentially a case of setting it up correctly in order to record the audio from your computer. Essentially, instead of using the audio microphone as the input, you can select the audio source or your computer’s sound card. This is driven by the audio input button, and the options displayed will vary from computer to computer, depending on your machine’s configuration.

More and more material is being streamed online, rather than just made available as pre-made audio files. In addition, with the changes that are sweeping the broadcasting industry, more and more radio and TV stations are streaming their programs online, realizing they need to compete in this new medium to remain relevant. Effectively, more people are opting to spend time in front of the internet, and in some demographics, traditional TV viewing is reducing. Streaming audio is not anything to be scared of, but rather opens new doors of opportunity in terms of what can now be technologically created.

Streaming Audio – Advanced Audio Streaming

What are some of the things you can do with audio streaming that really gives an advanced feel to your web site?

Perhaps one of the most flexible and effective ways to add sound to a website is through Flash files. Although you will need to purchase a program that can create the Flash files (which can be quite costly), Flash lets you import both WAV and MP3 files from which the program creates smaller files that will automatically load within your site. With Flash, you are in control. You can designate the quality level of your files, which will determine how large they will be. Flash files are also loopable (WAV files only), so you can create a continuous loop of sound.

You can also purchase pre-made Flash Loops. These are files that are professionally recorded and are on a nearly endless loop. Most of these files are small (about 20k) in size, thus allowing them to load very quickly on a site. You can get Flash Loops from http://www.flashmusictracks.com. With these, there is basically no down side. You get a small file with very professional-sounding music that is easy to incorporate on to your site.

So, as you can see, when considering incorporating audio into your site, there is much to think about. Once you decide you want to add an audio element, you will need to move onto decisions about what you want to say, how you want to say it, and in what file format you want it to be said. Audio can be a very effective tool, however, and should definitely be considered for use on most sites. It’s just a matter of using restraint and considering how the sounds you choose will complement and enhance what you want to say.

Use Audio Interviews to Attract Customers – A How-To

If you’ve conducted an audio interview with an expert, you’re well on your way to having a business that can make you money.

Some people get stuck on the idea that an interview is just that – an interview.  Don’t do that.  What I want to encourage you to do is to see the interview as information product.

Obviously, that information product has a value for the information it provides.  But, it also has a perceived value for the way that information is delivered.

For example, an ability to listen to an interview online has an inherent value.  But it is not as valuable as an ability to download the interview and take it with you on the road, in the garden, or when you’re out “pounding the pavement” getting fit.

The reason the second option is more valuable?  Choice.  People like choice and are prepared to pay more for it.

Taking this process further, another way to enhance the value would be to provide a transcript of the interview.  That way, people who like to read could also tap into your stuff. 

If you follow this model through you have the basics for an opt-in program on your website.  For example, in order to capture the email address of a potential customer you could make available a sample of the interview. Having wet their appetite, you could then offer that customer the ability to download the interview so that they can take it on the road. They could pay a monthly fee for this service.  In order to further increase the value and charge a premium on the monthly fee, you could offer to supply the transcript.

And then. Hey presto.  Using one audio product, you have created a viable business system that’s a win for you and a win for the customer.

How to Fall in Love With Audio Interviews

I want you to fall in love. In love with recording audio interviews. And I’m going to tell you if you want to make money doing something you love, you should do audio interviews. With Audio Interviews you can package them and sell them.

I’m going to give you a perfect example about how to do this. There’s a website called Tunecore and these guys are doing exactly what I’m teaching. I have no idea who they are, but they have all kinds of information products, audio downloads, they interview experts and the gentleman who asked this, he loves musicians, I would say start interviewing musicians. Let’s say he interviews ten musicians about their career as a musician. What do you think someone will pay more for?

Those two interviews with those musicians and what they love about their career and what their life is like and how many gigs they play? Or what if you did ten interviews for musicians on how to get a number one song or how to do mastering; how to master your songs. Or how to do marketing or how to publish your digital music. An interview on vinyl, creating vinyl records and selling old LPs. Or mixing your music for the best potential sales on copyright issues.

These are subjects that the business of the music industry, I think, would have a lot more appeal and bring a higher dollar volume than actually the lifestyles of different musicians.

So I would tell him start interviewing experts within the business music industry. It’s a huge niche. These guys, I remember looking at what of their seminars because these guys – their niche – is teaching about publishing your digital songs so musicians who create a series of songs it’s not really all about albums anymore, it’s about that one track, that one hit, and it’s about how to market your song.

It was interesting to me because I wanted to learn from music about how to get distribution on an audio interview. It’s not music but it’s still an audio content and their distribution system would work the same way for me and I’ve looked at their seminar. They were selling an online training for about $10,000. So I would tell this guy, go to Tunecore, look at what they’re doing and model it. Their niche is digital music. Maybe you can model something for maybe vinyl music, LPs. I think albums are getting back in fashion with a lot of the younger kids today.

How to Keep the Rights to Your Audio Interview

Can you keep the rights to your audio interviews? There is no reason you would have to give up the publication rights to your audio. I mean why would you? There may be a case where if you got an interview with someone that they said you can’t have the rights to do anything with the interview, but why would they be giving you the interview if they didn’t want promotion. It would be understood that once you have the interview you are going to use that as a tool to get them publicity.

So you are going to have to be in control of the distribution of your interview to get them more business or more notoriety or better distribution. So that part of it if you needed the rights to that interview and you wanted to use it to promote them or use it to sell a product you have to maybe get that as an understanding up front. But I don’t think there is really any reason someone should withhold the publication rights. I guess it all depends. I’ve never had a problem with it in the past.

So for any guy who says they are not going to give you the publication rights there are probably 20 other experts in that field who would be willing to, just move on to someone else. There are plenty of people to interview, plenty of experts. That’s my answer on that; if they aren’t willing to give you the rights then you should find someone else who is.

Versatile Online Audio Promotions Generate Traffic!

Proper marketing tactics will help your business to be one step ahead from where it is now.

In case you are looking forward to bigger gains and better prospects it is absolutely essential that you are able to market your company, brand, product or services with great conviction.

When we talk about internet marketing one thing that we come across is the audio marketing as there are many cases wherein it has been proved that this method of marketing is very fruitful. This marketing technique can play a very vital role in marketing campaign as it can drag customers to the website and at the same time you will be able to make good sales.|An improper promotional strategy will not make you increase your business in any way. If you want to earn good money and more or prospective customer,

it is very much essential for you to apply an apt promotional strategies. In order to achieve success, audio marketing is widely used by the experts through web promotions. This kind of promotions can be of great help in conducting appropriate marketing. You will be able to raise your standard of sales as there will be many visitors on your website if you use audio promotions.|It is not possible to make profits without apt mode of promotions. If you want to earn high and attract prospective buyers,

It is important to carry out marketing of your business with exact certainty. Marketing through audios is one of the unique ways of marketing through web. Many old players or online marketing business are opting to initiate with marketing through audio. Application of apt type of marketing strategies is very essential to increase your earning and generate more leads.|If you do not have right kind of promotional techniques at your disposal then progressing ahead with your business becomes difficult.

If you want to have great rewards then it is important that you promote your products, services, business and company with great passion. As there are many online marketers who have been making use of audio marketing it has now become one of the most well liked element of web marketing strategy.

You have boost up your sales by generating good traffic to your webpage and this is possible with audio marketing. A lot number of business organizations these days are opting for internet marketing campaigns to grab the attention of more number of uses to their website.

If you are looking forward to promote your business efficiently proper technique of marketing can be fruitful as it will help you to make high sales and at the same time earn good returns from it. Audio marketing is being considered an important element of web promotions and thus is being opted by many.

Audio marketing will help you to achieve your desired growth of the organization resulting into high profits over a longer period of time.

Advanced Tips to Advance in Audio Streaming

Many people are using audio streaming to help them make more money with their web based businesses and more. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to advertise, especially for musicians. In fact, profitable audio streaming relies on many aspects of the music world for success. You will find below several advanced tips to audio streaming.

Improve Your Sound Quality

If you have already recorded some sound for audio streaming, you know how important it is to have good recording equipment. If you are seeking advanced techniques, it may be time for you to seek the expertise of a pro–try a local recording studio for best sound quality. Many people can now afford to have studios in their basements thanks to new electronic technology.

Specialized Servers

If you are hosting your audio stream at home, you probably know how much it drains your bandwidth. There are companies that specialize in audio streaming that have high bandwidth and can provide you with excellent service for a reasonable price.


Make sure you use the compression that most people in your field will want to download. For instance, many musicians prefer the mp3 format, but those in other fields may prefer other formats. If you can, offer several types of downloads. Often people will offer mp3, .wav, and .aif files at the same time and customers can choose from those. Profitable audio streaming means making it available to as many people as possible.