How To Create Products To Sell At A Profit By Talking and Listening

There are people who I know who would tell you, if you had the opportunity to ask them, that I talk too much at times. Well, that may be true, but after a lifetime in Sales I also know how to listen. Talking and listening are crucial in any sales process.

Talking and listening can also be very important tools in producing digital products that you can sell at a profit. Interested? Then read on!

One of the easiest ways to do this is by recording an interview and then selling it as an MP3 downloadable product.

The interview can be done in various ways. If you’re an expert in your niche market you could get someone to interview you. Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident enough to do that then identify an expert and ask if you can interview them.

You will find that most experts are only too pleased to talk about their subject and will be grateful for free publicity.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and think about the questions they have and the style of interview they would like to hear. A useful tip is to list the 12 to 15 most common questions about your niche and then to work your way through them.

A relaxed informal interview style works well and appeals to most people. For your first product, aim for a 30 minute audio product. You may think that seems a lot but if you work it out that’s just 2 minutes per question if you have 15 questions.

Factor in an introduction and a conclusion and it’s even less per question. The reality is that you will probably run out of time and not be able to cover the 15 questions.

In terms of technology it’s fairly straightforward. You’ll need your computer, an internet connection, a microphone and some free software. Audacity is ideal for recording and editing sounds.

If you’re doing the interview over the phone there are various providers that will record the conversation for you and then send you the MP3.

Once you have your MP3 you need to upload it so that your customers can access it. There are various ways of doing this e.g. you can use your WordPress site or a service like ClickBank.

If you use ClickBank to sell your MP3 it has the added advantage that affiliates will do some of your promotion for you.

So there you have it – a straightforward way to create a digital product that can be selling very quickly. It’s a great place to start if you haven’t yet got any products for sale and if you like talking and listening then what better way to get your business moving.

Audio Marketing For Profit – The Time Has Come

Many online marketers today are already using audio in their marketing mix. However, the vast majority (even many of the big guns in internet marketing) continue to produce low quality (tacky) audio productions.

Here’s the problem: low quality audio is equally as bad as the used car salesman in the checkered pants and white belt. It’s simply tacky. The good news, is that this is NOT something that is the norm any longer. It is rapidly changing. In fact many internet marketers have realized that the quality of their sound is equally as important as the content of the products that they create.

The solution? Either you outsource your audio to a professional, or you learn to produce great audio yourself.

Just like in the offline world of small businesses, Internet marketers who have already reached a comfortable level of profitability will begin to outsource certain tasks. This will allow them to increase their productivity and focus on revenue-generating processes. The other added benefit of higher quality, because you’re outsourcing to a professional who works in their field of expertise every day.

Some common areas of outsourcing include graphic design, copywriting, web design, video development, and of course … audio production.

In addition, there are different areas of audio production where YOU might want to consider using a specialist . One example is royalty-free music. This kind of music comes with rights to use it on your productions can be available as a catalog (or library), as a single clip, or for those wishing to create their own brand, it is also possible to purchase the exclusive use of a music track. Although in this case you won’t actually own the copyright to the music, you’ll be the only marketer using it in their online marketing audio productions.

Another type of audio specialist is a voice over artist. In addition to radio and television work, many voice over artists are now taking their talents to the internet. This includes e-book audios, podcast intros, voice overs for video, web site introductions and others.

A recording engineer or audio editor can also be hired to clean up or edit your own recordings. Often interviews, seminar recordings, and webinars aren’t polished enough to hit the internet airwaves. An editor will remove the dead spots, balance the different voices, and augment the over-all quality of your recording. Once this is done, it’s now ready for CD or DVD mastering.

If your online business is not yet in a place where outsourcing is an option, all hope is not lost. Any computer can be turned into a digital audio workstation. Software and hardware is available for both macs and pcs. And the best news, is that even some of the software (with basic editing features) is free. Using Audacity (audio recording software), your audio quality will not suffer. Your only limitations are in what audio editing features are available to you. In fact, even Camtasia is capable of producing great audio quality too.

In conclusion, be sure that in every audio you produce, that quality is top-drawer. If you’re unable to outsource, then acquire the tools you need to produce great audio yourself: audio editing software, a great vocal mic, sound card, speakers, and headphones. With some practice you’ll be proud of the results you can produce!